Monday July 06, 2015

Iran and Iraq Involved in Camp Liberty Shelling: Residents

Camp Liberty residents demand to return to Camp Ashraf fearing further attacks

Stop Fundamentalism - Iranian and Iraqi governments were directly involved in the February 9 shelling of Camp Liberty, killing six Iranian refugees and wounding about one hundred, said a statement by the National Council of Resistance of Iran, the Iranian opposition movement in exile.  Another resident died in a Baghdad hospital yesterday as the result of his injuries, said the same source.



Martin Kobler Gets the Heat for Deaths in Camp Liberty

Washington Conference

A conference held on Saturday February 9 in Washington D.C. was a chance for some U.S. former top officials to show anger and frustration about the conduct of UN Secretary General Special Representative Martin Kobler after Saturday’s rocket attack on Camp Liberty in Iraq leaving six Iranian dissidents dead. Speakers called on Kobler to resign his post as he had failed to fulfill commitments to the 3100 Iranian refugees in the camp.


Iranian MOIS Agents in the West Shouldn’t Go Free

Anne Singleton and her husband Massoud Khodabande

A former Deputy Director of the C.I.A's national clandestine service, John Sano, revealed in Paris on February 2, that "a secret war is going on in Washington" to influence U.S.’s future policy on Iran which " the Iranian Ministry of Intelligence and Security, the MOIS, is fully engaged in." The former CIA official added that in fact, "they’re probably directing it."


Rocket Attack on Camp Liberty Kills Six Iranian Opposition Members

Camp Liberty

Press Release:

Attack on Liberty with at least 35 missiles and mortars has left 6 killed and more than 50 injured

At 05:45 this morning, local time, camp Liberty was attacked with missiles and mortars. Until now 6 residents including a woman were martyred and more than 50 people injured. The injured are at critical condition and the number of martyrs may rise. One of the 6 residents died two hours after the attack due to delay in transfer to hospital. The names of martyrs are: Pouran Najafi, Yahya Nazari, Akbar Azizi, Mostafa Khosravi, Mehdi Abed and Hadi Shafiei.


Execution Style Killing of Three Kurdish Women in Paris

Three Kurdish women shot in the head in Paris this morning in an execution style murder

Stop Fundamentalism – Bodies of three young women of Kurdish decent were found in ‘Kurd Institute of Paris’ about two in the morning local time today, media reports say.  The women were all shot in the head in an execution style murder, say Paris police authorities.