Sunday August 28, 2016

Reuters: 40 hurt as Camp Liberty shelled

Reuters reported that shelling injured more than 40 residents of Camp Liberty, home to the opposition People's Mujahideen Organisation of Iran (PMOI or MEK), on Monday night.


British MPs demand security for Camp Liberty; condemn rocket attack

After a barrage of more than 50 rockets hit Camp Liberty on the night of 4 July, the British Parliamentary Committee for Iran Freedom (BPCIF) issued an immediate condemnation and an urgent call for international safeguards for the camp, home to Iran's democratic opposition.


US locates 9 foreign fighter training camps in Iran, report says


U.S. intelligence agencies have recently disclosed nine training camps in Iran, which train Afghans fighters who will be sent to fight in Syria. U.S. defense officials have reported that these Afghans are part of Iran's broader paramilitary, as they are trained by the IRGC as shock troops, often fighting on the frontlines for Bashar al Assad, the Islamic Republic's close ally.


50 rockets hit MEK’s Camp Liberty in Iraq: injuries but no fatalities

Militias affiliated with the Iranian regime, fired more than 50 rockets at Camp Liberty tonight. Parts of the camp were set ablaze.

The camp houses members of the main Iranian opposition group People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI or MEK)


Iran’s regime is not moderate and the West should recognise that.

The Iranian regime continues to carry out ballistic missile tests in defiance of resolutions by the U.N. Security Council and the agreements reached between Iran and six world powers last summer.


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