Sunday October 23, 2016

Al-Jubeir: Iran regime can’t whitewash its record of terror

The Foreign Minister of Saudi Arabia, Mr. Al-Jubeir, has strongly condemned the Iranian regime and the international terrorist acts it carries out, as well as its support for the “murderous dictatorship” of Bashar al-Assad in Syria, reports the National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI).


The U.S. Must ‘Never Forget” Iran’s Role in Terrorist Operations

In his September 7 article for the Wall Street Journal, Joseph I. Lieberman, who is a former U.S. senator from Connecticut, and is currently chairman of United Against Nuclear Iran, discusses Tehran’s deadly actions vs. current sanctions relief.


Is Iran Plotting Assassination of Saudi ambassadors?

Iran does not recognize international conventions regarding embassies and consulates, does not hesitate to assassinate any political figure, and intervenes everywhere at any time. ~ Turki AlDakhil


What is an accomplice in the Iran’s 1988 massacre doing in Germany?

Iranian state media has reported that the Iranian Intelligence Minister travelled to Berlin and met with of German security officials at Germany’s invitation.


Iran spends $100 billion on secret war in Syria

Iran is fighting a secret war in Syria which has cost up to $100 billion according to MailOnline.

Their sources, from within Iran's Revolutionary Guards Corps, have revealed that 60,000 fighters in the Syrian civil war are under Iranian control and that Iran has a top-secret headquarters near to Damascus airport which is nicknamed 'The Glasshouse'.


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