Monday December 22, 2014

Taliban Attack on Kabul and two Other Afghan Cities

Stop Fundamentalism - Suicide bombers attacked capital city of Afghanistan, Kabul, and at least three other provinces today, said a Taliban statement taking responsibility for a coordinated multi-attack on NATO headquarters, the Parliament, and embassies including U.S.’s among other central Kabul sites.


Iranian Quds Force Drug Trafficker on US Black List

Stop Fundamentalism – The U.S. treasury says it has sanctioned IRGC Commander, the Iranian Brigadier General Gholamreza Baghbani, as a designated narcotics trafficker. 


Bomb Blast kills 54 in Afghanistan

Stop Fundamentalism -  54 people were killed today in three different cities in Afghanistan, report news agencies.

48 of the deaths took place in Kabul city when crowed of mourners had gathered in streets to commemorate the day of Ashura which is one of the most important rituals of the Shiite Islam.


Saudi Arabia’s Diplomat Killed in Bangladesh

Stop Fundamentalism - A Saudi Arabian diplomat, Khalaf Al Ali, was shot in the chest and died in the Bangladesh capital in the early hours of Tuesday, the deputy commissioner of Dhaka police told AFP.  He was found by the police near his home and rushed to the hospital where he died three hours later.


Two Members of Basij Forces Killed in Iran

Stop Fundamentalism – Iran Fars News agency affiliated with the Revolutionary Guards Corps, IRGC, reported Monday that two members of Basij forces have died in clashes in eastern province of Sistan-Balouchestan.

“The two died in a terrorist operation staged by foreign collaborators”, said the IRGC’s public relations office in the province to Fars news.


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