President Talabani Warns of Iraqi-Kurds Faceoff

Tensions Rise Between Baghdad and Iraqi Kurds

Stop Fundamentalism – Iraqi President, Jalal Talabani warned the Iraqi people on his official website that the political process preventing an Iraqi civil war is facing major threats.  He blamed lack of trust among different political groups to be the cause of the rising tensions.


Earlier, Prime Minister Nouri Al-Maliki sent in the Iraqi troops into disputed territories of Iraq along the boarders of the self-governed Kurdistan region were Kurdhish Peshmarga forces are present.


"Most worrying is that these threats have lead to force mobilization on both sides,"  President Talabani wrote referring to Iraqi troops and Kurdish Peshmarga forces. "Such development is very dangerous for the political process and may lead to serious events not benefiting the security of the country and well-being of its people."

Also, Al-Maliki ordered today a freeze on payments of all salaries paid to the staff of offices  of the Defense and Sate Ministries based in the Kurdish region including two military divisions in charge of protecting Iraq's President, Talabani.

Meanwhile, a Kurdish Peshmarga top commander, who wanted to remain unknown, spoke to the media and warned Baghdad today that he has a 30,000 man strong army ready to deploy if Nouri Al-Maliki does not pull back his forces.

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